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Built to solve a fundamental gap in finance, CapBay's focus is to help responsible corporations optimise their working capital and equip businesses with real-time technology to collaborate with a wider network of financial institutions to access financing opportunities, all with a click of a button. CapBay envisions a transparent and efficient financing environment that minimises risk and optimises working capital for the entire value chain in every industry.


Joining forces to deepen public knowledge of alternative lending and investment

Creating financial access beyond the capital city, Kuala Lumpur

Fundnel ran expansive nation-wide events as part of our public education and deal marketing strategy. 

As both CapBay and Fundnel operate in the capital markets, we joined hands to organise a two-month cross-country roadshow in Malaysia, from Penang to Sarawak.

Our shared objective was to facilitate fundraising activities for businesses through alternative lending while opening up access to private market investment opportunities for everyday investors.

Crossing geographical borders 

Our marketing activities for CapBay extended beyond the borders of Malaysia. When its Kuala Lumpur-based CEO, Xing Xian, was in Singapore, the Fundnel team hosted an informal happy hour session to introduce the deal to our investors.

A chat with Xing Xian Ang, CEO & Co-founder of CapBay

We noticed you've rebranded since we concluded the last fundraising round with you (CapBay was formerly known as CapitalBay). How else has CapBay evolved since then?

We launched our Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform called CapBay P2P Investment App in March 2020 and opened an Early Access Programme to help generate additional returns on users' investment portfolio with alternative investing. We achieved this despite the economic blues brought about by COVID-19.

Secondly, we were recently recognised as the “Fintech Startup of the year 2020” at “The Asset Triple A Digital Awards 2020”. We are the first Malaysian startup to win this coveted award since its inception in 2016!

We have also received an allocation under the Securities Commission’s Malaysia Co-Investment Fund (MyCIF), under which MyCIF will match every RM 2 invested on the P2P platform with RM 1. This is the much-needed support provided by the Securities Commission for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia during these trying times.

Last but not least, we have signed several partnerships this year to help expand our reach to help underserved SMEs and provide safer investments on our P2P platform that are backed by GLC & large corporate receivables. This goes in line with CapBay's strategy to provide high quality P2P deals that offer good yield and low financing loss risks.

o September: CapBay became the first and only fintech company selected to be part of national telecommunications giant Telekom Malaysia Bhd’s (TM) Vendor Financing Programme, also known as PERINTIS. Under this programme, CapBay will provide fast, affordable and fair access to supply chain finance solutions, bridging the cash flow gap for vendors of all levels and sizes throughout TM’s supply chain, including its SME subcontractors.

o August: We paired up with Kenanga Capital Islamic to digitise a first-in-Malaysia factoring solution. The synergistic collaboration will introduce Malaysia's first solution that will unify both, private and public sector receivables under one platform, tapping into an underserved market projected to grow five-fold from its current RM20 billion.

o July: We sealed a dealership with MyTukar provide a hassle-free financing experience for over 1,900 authorised dealerships in Malaysia, with a total financing of up to RM300 million.

o June: We partnered with TheLorry to offer inclusive financing for SME lorry drivers to launch the Express Financing programme to increase digital financing accessibility for the financially underserved SMEs within the logistics industry

How was Fundnel able to support you in reaching these growth milestones?

ECF investors from Fundnel continue to be our main supporters as our P2P investors. Our previous collaboration from the roadshows have helped us expand our reach to people from all walks of life and became an avenue for us to connect with investors.

We hope to continue our collaboration with Fundnel to further capital transactions, such as through fundraising activities, and join forces with Fundnel Malaysia to offer debt financing solutions alongside startups who raised funds on Fundnel platform

What can investors and companies on your platform look forward to in the coming months?

We will be launching our latest investment offerings, including collateralised investment products.

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