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As an online trucking startup, Webtrace offers sustainable IoT solutions for fleet and mobile staff. It leverages real-time data and KPI reports to provide problem solving-solutions to its clients, thereby aiding them in maximising fleet and field staff utilisation and reducing unnecessary cost.


Establishing the pioneer of telematics in Southeast Asia 

Cementing a strong foothold in the region 

Indonesia has faced major hurdles in its logistics ecosystem, largely attributed to surmounting levels of costs and inefficiencies. The telematics industry in Indonesia — and Southeast Asia at large — is a highly nascent one. Webtrace is therefore a pioneer in this space, and our fundraising campaign has equipped it with the resources it needs to bring a solution to market, ushering in the next generation of smart logistics. 

Rendering support for a growing company 

We connected the Webtrace team with a network of potential strategic partners in Indonesia. These partners, including one of the largest bus operators in the country, were able to commercialise Webtrace’s technology and support it in fulfilling its mission. 

Webtrace was an early-stage company when they were first onboarded onto the Fundnel platform. Our Investments team assisted them in the process of completing its first term sheet from the lead investor of their Seed round.

A Chat with Erwin Subroto, CEO & Co-founder of Webtrace

Given that Webtrace belongs in a niche vertical in the wider logistics industry, were there any challenges in articulating your product to investors?

As the logistic and transportation industries in Indonesia are growing rapidly, Webtrace is aligned with the growing needs of telematics solution to ensure fleet’s cost efficiency. Thankfully, we did not face any significant challenges in translating or articulating to investors how our product will help customers in optimising their cost efficiencies. Moreover, we kept our pitch simple to help investors understand more about the value we deliver.

What has traction looked like for Webtrace since you successfully concluded the fundraising round?

Since our fundraising round to date, we’ve gained 3X growth in terms of onboarded units. Not to mention, we gained a significant amount of brand awareness and connected with a larger network of potential strategic partners, both of which are very valuable to us. 

Can you share some of your plans for the future? How are you preparing ahead of Series A?

We've set our focus on providing wider solutions for broader industries, such as insurance integrated-services, machineries, telematic solutions, etc; as well as building strategic solutions for our investors’ ecosystem to gain momentum while working towards our Series A target.

What is one tip you can share with fundraisers on raising capital in a pandemic or an economic downturn?

The one tip that we can share and always keep in mind ourselves, is to find investors that can give strategic value to fuel our business growth.

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